About the Girl

“Tell me what you eat, I’ll tell you who you are.”  ~Anthelme Brillat-Savarin

aboutme-photo1As a writer with an insatiable and curious appetite, I started ONE GIRL, MANY PLATES to share my flavorful journeys with you!

I am obsessed with food as well as its connection with history, culture, and ultimately people.

My mixed heritage and background have inspired a lot of my passion and appreciation for food. Through my mother, I am Iranian, Russian, and Armenian. Through my father, I am Irish, English, and French. Add that with being born in Boston, growing up in Memphis, going to college and starting my career in Los Angeles, and now living in Chicago…and you have a pretty good cultural scramble!

Food has always been a major part of any celebration, get together, or kickback in my life. It is so much more than sustenance or nutrition. Each taste or cooking technique or plating design represents the person or people behind it, where they have been in life, and perhaps a glimpse to what’s next for them.

I look forward to sharing the many plates and worlds I try with you.

x Sharareh Drury
Creator + Blogger, One Girl Many Plates

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