10 Life Hacks For Keeping Your Kitchen Organized


Kitchens – big or small – can benefit from any of these organization tips. 

When it comes to tidying things up around the house, the kitchen is my number one. Why? It’s where the FOOD is. Why would you want the place where you store your precious food to be dirty, messy and a pain to get around? These life hacks will help you clean your kitchen with simple solutions to common frustrations.

lifehack-kitchen-organized-31. Under The Sink

Ever run into the problem of a ton of cleaning supplies, brushes, gloves and more piling up underneath the sink? An easy way to tidy things up is getting a plastic shoe organizer, cutting it to fit the size of the cupboard door under your sink, and attaching it to the door via a small rod and command hooks. Another idea is adding a tension rod under the cupboard to hang spray bottles. Small baskets can be tucked under for cleaning rags, sponges and more.

2. Cupboard Door

When you open a cupboard, the inside of the door is prime real estate for storing small items! One option is adding a peg board to the back. You can then “peg” anything you want onto that side of the door – keychains, clipboards, little storage boxes. Your spices can be mounted on the back of a cupboard door as well by using racks similar to what you use for a broom or mop. Finally, a towel rack can serve as a pot lid organizer. Attach the rack to the inside of the cupboard door (or even a wall in your kitchen if you’d like).

3. Magazine Holders

When the drawers and cabinets get too full, you can store boxed supplies like foil, plastic wrap and more in magazine holders. Attach the holders to the wall or inside of cupboard doors with command strips. 

4. Shelves Inside Of Shelves

I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve went for pot or pan only to have them fall out on top of each other. Put a bakeware organizer in a cupboard, turn it on it’s side then secure with cable clips. It’ll act as a mini shelf! As for plates, you can use dinner plate cradles to keep them upright, making it easy to pull them out! The cradles also work nicely to set wet plates to dry by the sink.

5. Baskets In Fridge And Freezer

Don’t wonder where you put the peanut butter ever again! Plastic totes and baskets make for great storage containers in the freezer and fridge. Label each basket with what is going to go inside – i.e. fruits, veggies, deli meat, etc. If you like to make meal plans, label each basket/tote per day and put the daily food/recipe items inside.

6. Below Countertops And Islands

If you need for more space in the kitchen, consider looking right under your counters or the spaces under your island. These are great spots to add shelves or small baskets to store anything you’d like – cereals, spices, vegetables and more.

7. See-Through Jars And Containers

You’ll never know exactly how fresh an item is in your kitchen unless you can see it. Use glass jars or reuse plastic containers (take off labels/wrappers of coffee creamers, water, etc.) to store herbs, spices, cereal, etc.

8. Shelf Space For Cookbooks

Do you hold onto your family’s recipes as well as some new ones in books, binders, cards and so on? An easy solution to keep them from being splattered with oil, sauce and other mess in the kitchen is literally adding a bookshelf to the side of your counter or island. The top of the bookshelf as well as any leftover shelf space will give more room for miscellaneous kitchen items.

lifehack-kitchen-organized-49. Magnetized Ideas

When in doubt, add magnets to items and stick them on the front and sides of your fridge door! Baby food bottles can be cleaned and stripped of their labels then have magnets glued onto the lid or bottom side and stuck to the side of the fridge. Another option is taking plastic racks/baskets, adding magnets to the sides and sticking those onto the fridge.

10. Ceiling And Empty Wall Space

When in a teeny-tiny space, don’t let any empty space go to waste! The ceiling as well as wall space above and below cupboards can be used to add shelves or hooks to place and hang kitchen items. Even the sides of cabinets can have baskets or hooks added for spoons, tongs, knives, etc.

 Let’s Dish:

  • Which kitchen hack do you like the best?
  • Have you tried any of these before? How did it work out?
  • How tidy is your kitchen? Or untidy? (If there are noises coming from under your sink, may wanna get that checked…)
  • Do you have any kitchen organization tips and tricks?

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Sharareh Drury is an award-winning journalist in Chicago. She's a foodie and traveller, loves to tell stories, and is always hungry for adventure and a flavorful dish to go with it.

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  1. I NEED NUMBER ONE & NUMBER FOUR SO BADLY!!!!!!! If you came over to my house, and looked in my drawers, YOU WOULD DIE! I am such a neat person, however… The reason I am so neat on the surface is cause I shove everything into my drawers and closets. Don’t EVEN think about looking in my clothing closet! AHHHH HA AH! For a girl who wears the same thing every day…. I have a lot of clothing! LOL!


    • Hahaha!! I know – so many of these are so incredibly useful. I don’t think my kitchen is too cluttered but I do love how some of these ideas can not only help with practicality but also make for interesting and creative designs…Like spices magnetized to the fridge – easy to grab and cute looking!


  2. I might just go down this list 1-10. Pans and skillets are stored inside the stove. How small is my kitchen? When I get in an airplane restroom, my first thought is, “I wish I had this kind of space in my kitchen!”


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