Foodie Favs: Hot Drinks


Who doesn’t like a warm cup of…

Coffee, tea, maybe some hot cocoa? This week’s Foodie Favs is all about the drinks I enjoy cozying up on a cold day – and now that I live in Chicago, that is quite a lot!

Let me know what your favorite hot drink is below in the comments!



Mexican Hot Chocolate

This is my absolute favorite hot drink! Dating back to the Mayans, the hot chocolate has a kick thanks to cayenne pepper. Add a cinnamon stick and it’s perfection!





Persian Tea

Nothing makes me think of home and family more than a glass of chai (Farsi for tea). My favorite is hel (Farsi for cardamom) with some golchin (yellow rock candy) to mix in for sweetness.





Latte (With Designs, Please!)

Espresso and steamed milk put together – simple and so delicious! They are most fun with a foam design on top – like the flower one to the left. Adorable!





Irish Coffee

Proud to be part Irish! No way I could leave this off my list. This drink does the trick after a long day…and then some. My preference? Coffee and Baileys. 


Sharareh Drury is an award-winning journalist in Chicago. She's a foodie and traveller, loves to tell stories, and is always hungry for adventure and a flavorful dish to go with it.

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