Answers to Two Truths, One Lie


The big reveal…of my Two Truths and One Lie!

Swimming with sharks…the Gladiator speech in the Colosseum…and hanging out with Ryan Lochte. These all seem too good to be true!


My past job at E! News came with plenty of perks, including chilling with Olympic champ Ryan Lochte. He can seem pretty quirky on camera and in person, he is incredibly sweet. If you haven’t noticed, I had some bling on my neck the day I met Ryan. He joked that it was my own silver medal.
Despite being on a strict schedule, Ryan smiled, answered questions, and took pictures with pretty much every fan he came across that day. It was a pleasure to meet someone who has achieved so much and has a lot more coming!

Unfortunately I don’t have any clear photos of when I went swimming with sharks in Hawaii — that experience was too epic to be caught on camera I guess!
I will say though that it is a very liberating and sharks are not all that scary after spending some time in the water with them. The ones I came across were more afraid of me and other humans to be honest!

So this means my ONE LIE was my Gladiator speech. How AWESOME would that have been though? Seriously need to make it happen in my lifetime!

If you haven’t tried it already, Two Truths One Lie is great as a blog post, party game, way to learn more about family and friends!


Sharareh Drury is an award-winning journalist in Chicago. She's a foodie and traveller, loves to tell stories, and is always hungry for adventure and a flavorful dish to go with it.

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