I have heard that when you walk into a home, whomever you find cooking is the head of it. The one who cooks appeases the appetite…as well as warms the soul and touches the heart.

Growing up, I was always in awe when I watched my mother put together a meal for our family of five. She’d sing and hum as she stirred and baked, sending enticing aromas of her home country Iran throughout the house. Sometimes she would let me sit in on the magic, but always cautioned that if I helped, I shouldn’t take the task lightly.

As she sprinkled spices like saffron and turmeric into a pot, I would watch and learn more about my family as well as how to cook.

My mother would tell me stories about her childhood in Isfahan…how her sisters and brothers came to America and all went to college at the University of Madison-Wisconsin…how she and my father spent their first years of marriage in The Big Apple…or how I would one day cook for or share meals with people I care about…and tell stories of my own.

I am almost 25 now…and though I have learned a lot and still have much more to learn, there is one absolute. Food has and always will be a focal point in my life. I am a girl with many words and stories to tell – my own as well as those I meet and the dishes they serve me.

You will absolutely get hungry reading this blog – in your stomach and mind. It’ll be a delicious journey and I look forward to sharing my many plates with you!!

– Sharareh


Sharareh Drury is an award-winning journalist in Chicago. She's a foodie and traveller, loves to tell stories, and is always hungry for adventure and a flavorful dish to go with it.

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